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Welcome to Genealogy in
Germany's Heartland -
North Hessen

Are you trying to find out where your family comes from?

Have you done a lot of research and can’t get any further? Do you think you have roots in Germany ? If you know your forebears came from the middle of Germany , they may well have come from North Hessen . If so, we would be pleased to help you look further.

Using a 1.400.000 entry strong data bases complied from the church registers. of more than 400 villages and towns in North Hessen, we are able continue your research for you. The data bank records start in the year 1830 and contain where and when baptisms, confirmations, weddings and deaths took place. Geographically, it extends from Kassel , ‘Hesse-Cassel’ as it was once known, in the north to Bad Hersfeld in the south, from Homberg/Efze in the west to Thuringia in the east. We also have access to a wide range of additional historical sources that we can consult.

If we are able to trace your ancestor, you will compile as much information as we can obtain – date of birth, marriage, death, information on their social standing, landholdings etc. Ask us to be your helping hand if you come to Germany to do the research yourself.

We make research for you in the Landeskirchliches Archiv Kassel, in the Staatsarchiv Marburg and in all other Archives in the north of Hesse.

Documents in old German can be translated into legible German and copies be obtained whenever required.

For further details, please contact:

Thomas Blumenstein - Email:

Postal address: 37235 Hessisch Lichtenau

Thomas Blumenstein has been researching genealogy and local history for more than 20 years and has written several publications on local history. His own ancestry in North Hessen goes back several centuries.